Busy Person’s Guide To Getting Work Done

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

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I apologize for not posting in a while, life has been hectic. That being said, how about a post on getting work done. :)

We’ve all been in the position, whether it’s at work, in school, where there was just so much work to do, that you had a hard time getting around all of it without breaking into a cold sweat. Here are a few tips to boost productivity or to trick yourself into working quicker.


Risky suggestion, but I made it anyway. Procrastinating a project until it’s vital is a great way to get your productivity going. Instead of working at a leisurely pace, you will notice that when there’s a tight deadline, you’ll be working as fast as your little fingers can go.

Use Downtime To Plan

Downtime, such as time spent commuting or in bed alone, is the best time to give thought on how you should get your work done. Use this time to plan or conceptualize so that you spend less time doing it when you have all the resources you need in front of you.

Meet Your Deadlines

Make it a habit to meet your current deadlines. Once the client has a feeling that you’re quick tog et work done, you’re less likely to voluntarily push back a deadline because of your own laziness.

Reward Yourself

Nothing quite like a little positive reinforcement from yourself to encourage you to keep up to speed on your projects.


This is a little different for everyone. Myself, I like to prioritize projects based on deadlines. After that, if two projects share the same deadline, I take of the project that’s shortest first to get that out of my mind. That being said, it’s very unpleasant to work long and hard into the night, finish a huge project at 1am, and then have to finish a smaller one afterwards. I much prefer finishing up with the huge project, and then having the opportunity to relax.

Hope that helps :)

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