November 2nd PageRank Update?

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

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UPDATE Nov 5 07: My blog’s PageRank has been updated to 4. Click here for the updated article

UPDATE Nov 2 07: I did a little research and it seems there have been posts in 2005 and 2006 on other blogs that mention a PageRank update was occurring. I don’t see any reason why this year would be any different.

I was casually browsing the internet and occasionally, I check my blog for a PageRank increase. (Yes, I know, PageRank’s aren’t always indicative of domain value or SERP, but I like looking at it) Currently, it sits at a very sorry 0/10 PageRank. I don’t seem to mind but I have had this blog for over 4 months and I’m constantly being crawled by Google.

I decided to check my portfolio site‘s PageRank. (If you’re not entirely sure what PageRank is, I wrote some articles that touch on the subject). It has been updated from a 1/10 PageRank to a whopping 4/10 PageRank!

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

I’ll look at what changed and what hasn’t to possibly narrow down the reason in the PageRank update. (Note: Extra credits if you identify a music group that had a hit of the same name).

What I’ve Done With The Content:

  • The last large content update was ~6 months ago
  • The site is composed primarily of Flash components with alternate text for Search Engines
  • In the past 6 months, I’ve done small updates for SEO, including cutting out some Meta tags and adjusting page titles and redirecting to
  • My backlinks are made up of half of my blog’s backlinks

Other Stats:

  • My blog receives 10 times more visitors then my portfolio site
  • My portfolio site was recently recrawled a few weeks ago after having gone 4 months without being crawled

Differences Between My Blog and My Portfolio Site

These are the principal differences between the two sites that might make Google favor my portfolio site over my blog site:

Domain Name Age 5 Years, 4 Months, 13 days 4 Months, 25 days

Text Links 0 outgoing text links sold 1 outgoing text link sold

Meta Tags Uses keyword, description and author meta tag Only used the description meta tag

(Note: I’m adding additional meta tags to my blog as I post this article)

Monetization No monetization Monetization in the form of Adsense and referral links

So, What Happened?

This just doesn’t make sense to me, has anyone noticed anything similar with their websites? Are there any factors that I’m missing?

Which of these four factors sealed the deal for my portfolio site?

Does it make sense to believe that Google penalizes websites for monetization? I think so. It makes sense, if you’re footing the bill for hosting without trying to recoup the costs, you’re more likely to have a genuine organization or website.

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