Download a PHP Form Creation/Validation Framework

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Categories: Web Development

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Call it a toolkit, call it a library, whatever it is, over the years, I have perfected a PHP Form Creation and Validation Framework. It contains various functions needed to create all form entry elements and easy-to-use functions to validate them correctly. Here’s a list of features:


  • Easily create labels, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, textareas, etc.
  • Validate empty fields, number ranges, checkboxes, string length, emails, postal codes, phone numbers, and dates
  • Display a compiled list of all errors with the form if they exist.
  • Change the color of labels that contain erroneous data.

Other Goodies/Features

  • Validates with W3C
  • Supports two languages (currently has French and English error messages)
  • Other functions including string shorteners, easy redirects, HTML emails, etc.
  • English and French vocabulary
  • Easy-to-understand function names and comments

Download it here.

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