The Only Firefox Add-On You’ll Ever Need

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Categories: Web Development

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I’ve been using this gem of a Firefox Add-On for a few months now. It gives me everything I can ever want from a Web Development point of view. Now, this blog post isn’t one of those paid User Reviews or anything, this is me letting readers out there know how amazing this is and how this can help what would be otherwise repetitive boring tasks. Never mind the Google toolbar or whatever else, this has it all. I’m talking about Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar.

Web Developer Toolbar
(click for a larger image)


It gives tons of features with 2 button clicks. These are just a few most important:

  • Disabling Cache and Javascript
  • Cookie Management
  • Viewing all the CSS used on the page and viewing specific CSS (eg. inline, linked)
  • Removing images, displaying Alt tags, outlining images
  • Displaying everything from anchors to title attributes to meta tags
  • Allowing you quickly to HTML changes in the browser, directly affecting the page you’re viewing
  • Clearing your cache
  • Outlining Div Containers, Tables, etc. This is my favorite feature because it definitely helps with troubleshooting. I included a picture below
  • Quick browser resizes. You can resize the viewing area or the entire browser window. Easy for figuring out how things look at 800×600 or 1024×768
  • Quick validation. HTML, CSS, Feeds

Web Developer Toolbar Outline
(click for a larger version)

Download the Web Developer Toolbar

If that list of features turned you on like it did for me, there are two places you can download it:

The official Firefox website
Chris Pederick’s website

Have fun.

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