What is RSS? and How Do I Subscribe To Your Blog?

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What is RSS?

RSS (the logo is seen to the left) is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”. In lamens terms, an RSS Feed refers to a file (nothing special, you can open it in notepad) where new posts or news from a website is fed into. The RSS Feed file contains items such as Titles, Descriptions and Links. A visitor can open the website’s RSS Feed with a Feed Reader and the Feed Reader automatically loads the new content from the Feed.

What this all means is that you can check all of your RSS-enabled websites at once using a Feed Reader, assuming you’ve loaded the feeds into the reader. The Feed Reader will display the Titles (and possibly descriptions) of new articles and you’re able to click on them and go to the official website. This makes life much easier if you check numerous websites daily and want to simplify your life.

How Do I Subscribe To Your Blog?

It’s fairly simple. All you need is a Feed Reader. If you want a list of a variety of options, you can have a look at the listing on the Open Directory. My suggestion, is to use iGoogle, the personalized homepage. iGoogle does not require you to download any software, it runs in your browser, and does a ton of other things. (I also wrote an article about iGoogle).

Once you’ve created a Google account and logged in, you can click Add New Stuff (on the right) and then Add by URL (beside the search field). You can then copy and paste: http://www.pat-burt.com/feed/ this is the location of my RSS Feed.

If you are not using iGoogle, you can simply copy and paste http://www.pat-burt.com/feed/ into the field asking for the RSS Feed URL.

Thanks for subscribing and I hope that helped. :)

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